3 June, 2016

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Menno Ettema
5 pm

Ellie Women's Easy Pink Combat Boot Shoes HrHSqgRTHow does an online hate speech message make you feel? “Disappointed, anguished, discomforted, indignant, oppressed, desperate, scared, angry, ashamed”, said at a video participants in the training seminar “BlogMarks – combating hate speech online through human rights”, which was organised by the Bodossaki Foundation, in its capacity as the Operator of the EEA Grants NGO Fund “We are all Citizens” Programme, on 8 and 9 April 2016 in Athens, Greece.

What can we do to change these feelings? In his welcome note, Norway’s ambassador to Greece Mr Jorn Gjelstad reminded us, in the words of American philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler, that “prejudice neither begins nor ends with the subject that speaks and acts” and invited us to take action. Indeed, for two days, the 25 participants, mostly NGO representatives from Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, worked together with specialised trainers to learn more about what hate speech is, acquaint themselves with the “Bookmarks” manual of the Council of Europe and explore ways to participate in the “No Hate Speech Movement” campaign.   A panel with representatives from the Ministry of Education, the Hellenic Police, the Council of Europe, the Hungarian EEA Grants NGO Fund Operator, the European Wergeland Centre, Safer Internet Hellas and YouthNet Hellas enriched the discussion with information and good practices from Greece and abroad regarding combating hate speech online and offline. Check out the panel presentations on Blod:  Sheepskin High Women's Shoe Chestnut Ankle Flat Emu Talinga tCIqwtH.

When asked how they would like to feel, participants to “BlogMarks” said “in solidarity, accepted, respected, loved, safe, understood, calm, happy”. At the Bodossaki Foundation, we believe that “BlogMarks” has brought as all closer to these feelings. We say No to Hate! And you, how do you choose to feel? Say no to Hate!

Find out more about the “BlogMarks” training: http://www.weareallcitizens.gr/no-hate-en/blogmarks-en.html

Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/169112054

Artemis Papatheodorou is a Programme Officer at the Bodossaki Foundation

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